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Welcome to the homepage of Indo Martial Arts of the Carolinas.  We are an authorized branch of the VDT Academy of Pentjak Silat Serak* martial arts.  Our hormat (respect) goes out to all martial artists and 'silat players.'  


This tjabang (branch) is headed by Guru Karl ' West' Bolz, under the direction of Pendekar Victor de Thouars 'Pak Vic' and Maha Guru Horacio Rodriguez.


Serak is a combat art from West Java, Indonesia that utilizes angles and positioning to neutralize an attacker and destroy their body structure.  Only in the last few years has this devastating art been shared openly thanks to the lifetime  of dedication Pak Vic has given to the preservation of the art.  The family 'de Thouars' brought the knowledge of the system to the United States, and it is now being recognized as one of the most advanced and effective arts in the world.  There are a handful of accredited full VDT Serak Gurus in the world including Guru Horacio Rodriguez (lineage holder of the VDT Academy) and martial arts legend Guru Ustad Dan Inosanto, and a few others.  Guru Bolz has achieved the ranking of Guru Muda. He continues his studies in the system under Pak Vic and Guru Horacio.


Study of Serak will teach a person how to exploit the weaknesses in an opponent's body, while maintaining superior balance and structure.  It is a close fighting art that attacks and controls the skeletal structure and physiology rather than relying on pain compliance or brute force.  The training includes offensive and defensive structures as well as weapons training - blade, stick, staff, sword, sai (siku siku), garote, gun and more.  


We train safely while learning applications that are direct and effective.  Serak training sharpens the mind and improves coordination of the body.  It can improve the effectiveness of any martial art you currently practice and is also a great system for those new to the arts.  Call for training information or

use our contact page to find out about long distance learning options.


Contact us at: (704) 345-3431


(' Serak' is a registered trademark of VDT Communications, Inc. and we respectfully use it with permission.)

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Note:  Since my teacher my teacher lived in Java as a youth in the 40s, we  use some of the older spellings like Pentjak (Pencak) and Djurus (Jurus).

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The Combat Art of SERAK*

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Pentjak Silat Serak - Charlotte, NC

Classes & Training

New class each Tuesday 7pm and Saturdays 10am at The Brazilian Arts Center 2609 Central Ave., Charlotte, NC.  Please text to 704-345-3431 if you are coming.

For more information about group classes, private lessons, or seminars contact us.

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