Midwood Martial Arts

2609 Central Ave. Charlotte, NC

Conditioning, Self-Defense, Fun!

Capoeira (Brazilian)

Capoeira is the martial art of Brazil. It features awesome body conditioning and flexibility workouts, music in Portuguese, and even acrobatic maneuvers. Led by Contramestre Zumbi. Click on image to learn more.

Kids Class

Our Capoeira Kids Class is an energetic, fun-filled workout that teaches them how to evade, escape, kick and more. They will broaden their horizons by learning to sing along with songs in Portuguese, and learn about Brazil. They will get strong and flexible as young capoeiristas.

Silat Club (Indonesian)

Silat Club is the home of Guru West Bolz who teaches Pencak Silat Serak. Silat is the martial arts of Indonesia, and Serak is a particular style from Java that is close combat, no-nonsense self-defense. Click on image to learn more.